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The Bible and the Open View of the Future by Gregory A Boyd

The following is an abbreviated excerpt from the rough draft of the fourth chapter in my forthcoming book Satan and the Problem of Evil (IVP).1 The central purpose of this book is to render philosophically persuasive the biblical “warfare world view””

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The Pelagian “Boogie Man” by Jonathan Duttweiler

For many so-called “evangelicals”, primarily of the “Reformed” tradition, throwing around the term Pelagian or Pelagianism is the theological equivalent of the “boogie man” used by some to scare small children. It is, in most Protestant, and certainly Evangelical, circles

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Quotes on Moral Government Theology.

Taken from – Answers to Apologetic Index’s criticisms of Moral Government by Jonathan Duttweiler Apologetics Index states Moral Government teaches that: God does not fulfill some of His own prophecies. Moral Government Actually Teaches that: God is relational in His approach

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The Atonement of Jesus Christ; By William Booth General of the Salvation Army

What do we mean by the Atonement? The word itself simply means “at-one-ment”, the uniting of two beings who had been separate or apart. In everyday language the word is used to signify something done by the wrongdoer to make

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Pelagius` defence of the freedom of the will.

Synopsis: This book was written by Pelagius and explains his beliefs regarding the free-will that God has given to  mankind.  It was a short treatise composed of four books.  These fragments are taken from Augustine’s two book work entitled “On the

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Pelagius: To Demetrias by Deacon Geoffrey Ó Riada.

Contents Introduction A Brief Life of Pelagius The Letter to Demetrias History and Text Content and Analysis Conclusion Endnotes Bibliography Introduction Few churchmen have been so maligned as Pelagius in the Christian West. For nearly 1,500 years, all that anyone

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Sincere and True Repentance by Menno Simons.

In the second place we exhort you in the language of Christ, “Repent ye, and believe the Gospel,” Mark. 1:15. Oh, thou faithful word of grace! Oh, thou faithful word of divine love! thou art read in books, sung in

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God and the Future A Brief Outline of the Open View by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd

In this essay I shall briefly state the Open view of God’s relationship to the future with the scriptural grounds on which it is based. I shall then briefly address the most common objections raised against it. The Open View

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God’s Sovereignty And Man’s Free Will In Salvation – By Dan Corner.

==============> CLICK for a powerful audio sermon!! Jonah (mp3) The Calvinists and the Universalists both misinterpret God’s sovereignty and man’s free will in salvation. The Calvinists think it is God’s will for only some (the elect) to be regenerated and afterwards always retain that salvation. The Universalists, on the

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Sins; Past, Present and Future?

Many say we have already had sins we have not committed forgiven by the blood of Christ. Even though we have not committed them and have not repented they are already forgiven. Forgive me but that is crazy and unbiblical.

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