A cloak for unrighteousness.

Many today believe in the “Imputed Righteousness of Christ” I’ve heard a few different explanations on what exactly this is by those who believe in it. But here are what is mostly said;

  • When we believe a transaction happens and we are clothed or cloaked with the righteousness of Christ.
  • When we sin God does not see that sin but all he sees is Christ or his righteousness.
  • Christ perfectly obeyed for us.

As we can see these are all sin friendly doctrines and are found nowhere in the bible. In fact the bible states we become the “Righteousness of God” through faith(I:E Faithfulness), and the righteous are those who do righteousness as John says “Let no one deceive you, he that doeth righteousness, is righteous, even as HE is righteous”. Which then makes it abundantly clear that those who are not doing righteousness are NOT righteous. There is no magical transaction of righteousness we must be doing righteousness to be righteous. The bible says “Abraham believed and it was counted to him as righteousness” again it was his faith that made him righteous, and believing/faith is trusting and obeying. Not a mental knowledge that God exists.

The bible also states that our hearts are made pure by faith not by a magical transaction of righteousness.

So in short.
Imputed righteousness is nothing more than being made righteous by faith, not being made righteous by Jesus righteousness or his obeying for us. We still have to obey. Remember “LET NO ONE DECEIVE YOU… He that DOES RIGHTEOUSNESS, IS RIGHTEOUS, even as HE IS RIGHTEOUS”. Those that deny this are trying to deceive you.

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