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5 Implications on not believing in free will.

Here are 5 problems that arise when one denies free will. 1 – It makes God the cause/author of sin. 2- It makes God a monster playing us all like a game of chess. Making some do good and others do

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The Schleitheim Confession.

The Schleitheim Confession printed by Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc., Crockett, KY Sixth Printing, 1985Adopted by a Swiss Brethren Conference, February 24, 1527 Brotherly Union of a Number of Children of God concerning Seven Articles The articles which we discussed and


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Anabaptist Theology

Anabaptist Theology by Robert Friedmann     No Anabaptist ever wrote a book or tract approximating systematic theology, comparable to what the Reformers of the sixteenth century have done. Therefore, a discussion here can point only to an implied, not to an

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Is easy believism true?

There is nothing easy about believing, believing is the same as obeying. Not just a one time profession of faith as many like to preach today. Jesus said – “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and

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Abrahams faith and obedience – Menno Simmons.

Abraham, the highly renowned patriarch, who had not his equal in honor, as Sirach writes, believed God and trusted upon his word with the whole heart, and thus manifested obedience and power as the result of his faith. The Lord

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