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What is repentance by Catherine Booth.

PART I: ENTERING THE HIGHWAY CHAPTER ONEWhat is Repentance? IN the mouths of three witnesses–John the Baptist, Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul–this word shall be established, that repentance is an indispensable condition of entering the Kingdom of God. People


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Anabaptist Vision.

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Are you a Disciple?

If you dont love Jesus more than everyone you cannot be a disciple. If you dont carry your cross you cannot be a disciple. If you dont give up everything you have you cannot be a disciple. One must be

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A quote on non resistance.

“The gospel and its adherents are not to be protected by the sword, nor [should] they [protect] themselves… True believing Christians are sheep among wolves, sheep for the slaughter. They must be baptised in anguish and tribulation, persecution, suffering and

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What is the Biblical sin nature?

The Bible is clear man is created upright “”Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices.” ( Ecc 7:29) and not with a depraved nature. So what is the biblical sin

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Explaining Calvinist Proof Text 1 John 1:8

Originally posted on Biblical Truth Resources:
A Biblical Explanation of 1 John 1:8 A Common Proof Text of Calvinists Against the Possibility of Moral Perfection In This Life By Jesse Morrell An excerpt from the book, “The Natural Ability of…

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The Shepherd of Hermas

Translated by J. B. Lightfoot Vision 1 1:1 The master, who reared me, had sold me to one Rhoda in Rome. After many years, I met her again, and began to love her as a sister. 1:2 After a certain

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Why I Stopped Being a Calvinist (Part 2): Calvinism Destroys God’s Justice

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God tests people to know what is in their hearts.

Scripture shows that God tests us to see whats in our hearts e:g. Whether we love him or will obey him. Now of course we all believe God knows everything, but nothing is impossible for God as the scripture states,

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A charge against those who say we teach “Works Salvation”.

A charge against those who say we teach a “Works Based Salvation”. Today, we who deny original sin, total depravity and the Tulip are falsely accused of teaching a works based salvation. But this could not be further from the

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