A charge against those who say we teach “Works Salvation”.

A charge against those who say we teach a “Works Based Salvation”.

Today, we who deny original sin, total depravity and the Tulip are falsely accused of teaching a works based salvation. But this could not be further from the truth. We affirm the true Biblical doctrine. “Saved by grace through faith”. Many Calvinists deny this doctrine by saying we are saved by grace only and deny faith. Or appeal to grace alone, faith alone(etc). But that would be a contradiction.

What we teach.
We teach that we are saved by faith not faith alone but a faith that worketh by love. A faith that manifests good works/obedience to God, and that if faith does not produce this then it is a dead faith, a faith of the demons, which cannot save anyone. People deny this truth to two extremes. Saved by faith and works or saved by faith alone with no works manifested by true saving faith.

Another false charge.
They claim we teach a works based salvation because we say “You must repent to be saved”. But since has repentance ever been a work? Since when has stopping murder or adultery ever been a work? Repentance and faith are conditions for salvation. This does not stop salvation being a gift from God like many falsely say with no biblical backing. Jesus said “Repent and believe the Gospel”, Peter said “Repent and be baptised” and Paul said “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation”. So those who claim repentance is a work and those who teach it teach a works based salvation. Must also believe Jesus, Peter and Paul taught a works based salvation. Which of course is nonsence. So we have the witness from the OT and NT that repentance is a condition.

What true Christians teach.
We are saved by grace through faith and repentance being a condition because salvation and grace are both conditional.

What the Reformers(Gnostics) and others teach.
Salvation is unconditional and to say there are conditions is a works based salvation.

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