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Obedience as a condition for assurance.

Here is a quote from the article; Obedience as a condition for assurance by  Leland M. Haines. How may we be sure that we have eternal life? The answer to this question is found in the second paragraph of First John:

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A Simple Study – Is The Hair The Head Covering?

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Anabaptist Vision.

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Are you a Disciple?

If you dont love Jesus more than everyone you cannot be a disciple. If you dont carry your cross you cannot be a disciple. If you dont give up everything you have you cannot be a disciple. One must be

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A quote on non resistance.

“The gospel and its adherents are not to be protected by the sword, nor [should] they [protect] themselves… True believing Christians are sheep among wolves, sheep for the slaughter. They must be baptised in anguish and tribulation, persecution, suffering and

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The Anabaptists: neither Catholics nor Protestants.

The Anabaptists: neither Catholics nor Protestants   Briefly, the Anabaptists believed that the true church was: 1. A Church of disciples, obeying the LORD; 2. A Church of missionary-prophets, witnessing to all men; 3. A disciplined Church, holy and pure

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The definition of Faith according to the Bible.

Faith; the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).   What is the substance and evidence spoken of in the verses thereafter???   …a more excellent sacrifice. …the preparing of an ark …sojourning in

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The Schleitheim Confession.

The Schleitheim Confession printed by Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc., Crockett, KY Sixth Printing, 1985Adopted by a Swiss Brethren Conference, February 24, 1527 Brotherly Union of a Number of Children of God concerning Seven Articles The articles which we discussed and

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Anabaptist Theology

Anabaptist Theology by Robert Friedmann     No Anabaptist ever wrote a book or tract approximating systematic theology, comparable to what the Reformers of the sixteenth century have done. Therefore, a discussion here can point only to an implied, not to an

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