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Abrahams faith and obedience – Menno Simmons.

Abraham, the highly renowned patriarch, who had not his equal in honor, as Sirach writes, believed God and trusted upon his word with the whole heart, and thus manifested obedience and power as the result of his faith. The Lord

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Faith – By Menno Simons

FAITH In the third place, we teach with Christ and say, “Believe the gospel,” Mark. 1:15. That gospel is the glad tidings and promulgation of the favor and grace of God toward us, and the forgiveness of our sins through

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Sincere and True Repentance by Menno Simons.

In the second place we exhort you in the language of Christ, “Repent ye, and believe the Gospel,” Mark. 1:15. Oh, thou faithful word of grace! Oh, thou faithful word of divine love! thou art read in books, sung in

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