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The problem of evil.

The problem of evil – Kel Good. The problem of evil is an issue that has plagued theology through the centuries. At the center of all true Biblical theology is the idea that God exists, that God is love, holy

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God tests people to know what is in their hearts.

Scripture shows that God tests us to see whats in our hearts e:g. Whether we love him or will obey him. Now of course we all believe God knows everything, but nothing is impossible for God as the scripture states,

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Is Open Theism Biblical? What is Foreknowledge? Can God Change the Future? Jesse Morrell

Originally posted on Biblical Truth Resources:
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The Bible and the Open View of the Future by Gregory A Boyd

The following is an abbreviated excerpt from the rough draft of the fourth chapter in my forthcoming book Satan and the Problem of Evil (IVP).1 The central purpose of this book is to render philosophically persuasive the biblical “warfare world view””

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God and the Future A Brief Outline of the Open View by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd

In this essay I shall briefly state the Open view of God’s relationship to the future with the scriptural grounds on which it is based. I shall then briefly address the most common objections raised against it. The Open View

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