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John Wesley on Pelagius.

“I verily believe, the real heresy of Pelagius was neither more nor less than this: The holding that Christians may, by the grace of God, (not without it; that I take to be a mere slander,) ‘go on to perfection;’

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The Pelagian “Boogie Man” by Jonathan Duttweiler

For many so-called “evangelicals”, primarily of the “Reformed” tradition, throwing around the term Pelagian or Pelagianism is the theological equivalent of the “boogie man” used by some to scare small children. It is, in most Protestant, and certainly Evangelical, circles

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Pelagius` defence of the freedom of the will.

Synopsis: This book was written by Pelagius and explains his beliefs regarding the free-will that God has given to  mankind.  It was a short treatise composed of four books.  These fragments are taken from Augustine’s two book work entitled “On the

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Pelagius: To Demetrias by Deacon Geoffrey Ó Riada.

Contents Introduction A Brief Life of Pelagius The Letter to Demetrias History and Text Content and Analysis Conclusion Endnotes Bibliography Introduction Few churchmen have been so maligned as Pelagius in the Christian West. For nearly 1,500 years, all that anyone

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