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A quote on non resistance.

“The gospel and its adherents are not to be protected by the sword, nor [should] they [protect] themselves… True believing Christians are sheep among wolves, sheep for the slaughter. They must be baptised in anguish and tribulation, persecution, suffering and


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John Wesley on Pelagius.

“I verily believe, the real heresy of Pelagius was neither more nor less than this: The holding that Christians may, by the grace of God, (not without it; that I take to be a mere slander,) ‘go on to perfection;’

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Quotes on Moral Government Theology.

Taken from – Answers to Apologetic Index’s criticisms of Moral Government by Jonathan Duttweiler Apologetics Index states Moral Government teaches that: God does not fulfill some of His own prophecies. Moral Government Actually Teaches that: God is relational in His approach

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