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On free will and evil.

‘Now those who decide that man is not possessed of free-will, and affirm that he is governed by the unavoidable necessities of fate…are guilty of impiety towards God Himself, making Him out to be the cause and author of human

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Why Monergism cannot be true.

We know Monergism cannot be true due to the plain fact that to be saved man must repent and believe. Now repentance is forsaking sin/having a change of mind and the word believe is from Greek pisteuo which means to

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John 6:44 – Synergism not Monergism.

Calvinists use John 6:44 as a proof text for Monergism yet fail to read on and see it proves Synergism. John 6:44-46 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV) 44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent

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The problem of evil.

The problem of evil – Kel Good. The problem of evil is an issue that has plagued theology through the centuries. At the center of all true Biblical theology is the idea that God exists, that God is love, holy

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6 proof texts for Original Sin examined.

SIX PROOF-TEXTS EXAMINED. Now, I am going to turn aside for a while from the more than 100 Bible texts that show the doctrine of original sin to be unbiblical and false, and respond to six texts that are taken

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What is the Biblical sin nature?

The Bible is clear man is created upright “”Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices.” ( Ecc 7:29) and not with a depraved nature. So what is the biblical sin

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Explaining Calvinist Proof Text 1 John 1:8

Originally posted on Biblical Truth Resources:
A Biblical Explanation of 1 John 1:8 A Common Proof Text of Calvinists Against the Possibility of Moral Perfection In This Life By Jesse Morrell An excerpt from the book, “The Natural Ability of…

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Why I Stopped Being a Calvinist (Part 2): Calvinism Destroys God’s Justice

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A charge against those who say we teach “Works Salvation”.

A charge against those who say we teach a “Works Based Salvation”. Today, we who deny original sin, total depravity and the Tulip are falsely accused of teaching a works based salvation. But this could not be further from the

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3 passages that show Irresistible Grace to be false.

The doctrine of Irresistible grace is easily disproved by many passages in the Bible. But I will show just 3 passages that show this doctrine to be false. First of what is irresistible grace? Irresistible Grace. This doctrine teaches that those

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