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Thoughts on the atonement.

In Orthodox theology generally it can be said that the language of “payment” and “ransom” is rather understood as a metaphorical and symbolical way of saying that Christ has done all things necessary to save and redeem mankind enslaved to

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Quotes on Moral Government Theology.

Taken from – Answers to Apologetic Index’s criticisms of Moral Government by Jonathan Duttweiler Apologetics Index states Moral Government teaches that: God does not fulfill some of His own prophecies. Moral Government Actually Teaches that: God is relational in His approach


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The Atonement of Jesus Christ; By William Booth General of the Salvation Army

What do we mean by the Atonement? The word itself simply means “at-one-ment”, the uniting of two beings who had been separate or apart. In everyday language the word is used to signify something done by the wrongdoer to make

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Limited Atonement is a ‘Doctrine of Demons’.

There is a very popular belief out there that Jesus only died for the elect. That he did not die for those who end up in the lake of fire, and that he did not die for the false prophets.

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